Josh Faught

Josh Faught’s practice combines textiles, pop cultural detritus, and archival materials to address the relationships between language, community, and constructions of identity.

Recent solo museum exhibitions include a site-specific installation at the Neptune Society Columbarium as part of the SFMoMA SECA Art Award Exhibition (2013); the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (2013); and the Seattle Art Museum in conjunction with the Betty Bowen Award (2009). Solo exhibitions also include Kendall Koppe Gallery, Glasgow (2014, 2019); and Lisa Cooley, New York (2010, 2012, and 2014). In addition, his work has appeared in numerous group exhibitions, including at the New Museum, New York (2017); Casas Riegner Gallery, Bogota (2018) Sadie Coles HQ, London (2018); the Saatchi Gallery (2018);  the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston (2014); and the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston (2014). In 2017, Faught also produced a site-specific work for St. Mark’s Cathedral in Seattle, commissioned by Western Bridge. Faught is the recipient of the 2009 Seattle Art Museum Betty Bowen Award, the 2011 Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation grant, the 2012 San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Society for the Encouragement of Contemporary Art Award (SECA), the 2016 Artadia Award, and the 2016 Eureka Award from the Fleishhacker Foundation.

Faught is a Professor within the Textiles and Graduate Fine Arts programs at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco and Oakland.



Hand dyed, hand woven hemp, cotton and gold lame, Indigo, socks that have lost their pair, a reproduction of the Hobby Directory,

a college made on paper pulped from correspondences with the California Tax Board, spilled paint can(resin), denim, and back issue of After Dark on Powder coated steel.

72.25”x 54”x 24”



Hand dyed crocheted hemp; hand dyed hand woven cotton and gold lame; spray paint; rayon/lycra blend; sequins; handmade paper from pulped tax board representative correspondences with pot-pourri collage and pin on wood.

50.5”x 37”x 4”



Hand dyed, hand crocheted hemp; hand dyed, hand woven cotton; gold lame; garland collage on handmade paper pulped from correspondences with the California Tax Board; sequin trim; badge; spray paint; paper; nail polish, 5 DVDS puchased from a man who re-eited Days of Our Lives into a supercut tracing the narrative arc of  Will and Sonny: a guy super couple; Ash; Videomonitor; and textile paint on linen

48”x 38”x 8”