Michael Arcega

Michael Arcega (b.1973, Manila, Philippines) is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in sculpture and installation. His research-based work revolves largely around language and sociopolitical dynamics. Directly informed by historic narratives, material significance, and geography, his subject matter deals with circumstances where power relations are unbalanced. Arcega’s work has been discussed in publications including Art Forum, the New York Times, Art Practical, Art News, X-TRA, SF Chronicle, Artweek, Art Papers, and Flash Art among others. He is a recipient of an Artadia grant, Joan Mitchell MFA Award, Murphy Cadogan Fine Arts Fellowship, among others. He was awarded a 2012 Guggenheim Fellowship in Fine Arts.

Spam/Maps: Oceania


Spam & pins

40" x 60" x 6"

Lexical Borrowing: Saw Horse by the Sea Shore - Understanding Manifest Destiny


Mat board, wood, found plastic bottles, river water, and mixed media

4' x 7' x 3'

Xylophoneme (Kulintang Buto): Instrument for Understanding


Aksarben cow bones, ink, oak Nacireman artifacts, string, & cork

37” x 42” x 21"

Nacireman Field: A Topography of Inventions


Ceramics, fur, steel, and table

46” x 46” x 68” (approximate height)